Get to know, Rick

Rick’s Bio

Rick is 57 years old and is from Henderson, Nebraska. Rick has been involved in ag aviation and Farming/Ag since he was a kid. He started flying when he was in high school and got serious about the family spraying business and started ag flying in 1984 just a few days after turning 20 years old.

He has now flown and owned most all ag aircraft made by Piper, Eagle, Thrush, and Air Tractor. Currently he owns an Air Tractor 602 and 802. Currently have a Cessna 185, 450 Stearman, Robinson R-44, Piper Supercub and I race a Carbon cub SS.

Approximately 12,000 TT, commercial, Instrument, helicopter ratings. Most flight time is low level ag work.

His Airplane: 2015 Carbon Cub SS, Traditional Yellow with black lightning bolt strip. STOL cartoon on the side for fun.

His STOL Drag Stats + Plane Raced:

Mayday 2021 Finisher, Supercub
Reno Air races 2021: 17th Place, Carbon Cub
High Sierra Fly-In: 7th Place, Carbon Cub
CopperState Fly In STOL Drag: 3rd, Carbon Cub

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