MayDay STOL Drag Results 2021

Overall Place Racer Name Class Class Place
1st Steve Henry GOLD 1st
2nd Austin Clemens SILVER 1st
3rd Eddie Sanches SILVER 2nd
4th Kurt Leaders SILVER 3rd
5th David Kerley BRONZE 1st
6th Milne "CC" Pocock BRONZE 2nd
7th Jon "Jughead" Counsel BRONZE 3rd

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Warren Grobbelaar

Warren Flies a Cessna 180 with an MT Expedition Series Composite Propeller and he has competed in several…

Jeff Pohl

Jeff Pohl is pilot of "Dirty Bird" No. 00 a Cessna 170B. He has competed in several STOL Drag and National…

Rick Boardman

Rick finished Third at Buckeye STOL Drag this year. He is a journeyman Ag Pilot having logged over 12,000 TT…

Eddie Sanches

A competitor at the High Sierra Fly In as well as the 2020 ArkanSTOL, Eddie is an experienced STOL Drag…

Patrick McInteer

Patrick grew up in a small town in Southeast Nebraska always dreaming of flying. School, career and a family…

Collin Caneva

Collin is passionate about all things family, friends, and aviation. As the pilot of Old Green Pane, he not…

Austin Clemens

Austin Clemens is 17 years old and started flying at 12 years old in a Piper Cub. Since then he has flown…

Steve Henry

2021 MayDay STOL Drag All-Class Champion

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Anthony Sanches

Kurt Leaders

2021 Mayday Finisher

Corina Lottman

Tim Knutson

Matt Bresette

Jaden Newman

James Stoppel