MayDaySTOL DragRaces

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The idea for MaydaySTOL stemmed from a conversation between Kevin Quinn and Collin Caneva, when they both brainstormed about a “signature STOL Drag season kick-off” located in the mid-west. When the Northeast Nebraska Aviators caught wind of these talks, they reached out and said “come to Wayne!”.

Well, with the excitement and backing of an entire community, that’s exactly what we did!

The MayDaySTOL Drag event is going to be one of the most fun events to travel to, to attend, to compete in, and to get to know other passionate aviators in the 2022 race season.

You simply do NOT want to miss this one!

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MayDay STOL Drag Races is also an aviation event. With thousands of spectators, pilots, and aviation fans over the course of several days you can connect your brand with many! Check out our Vendor booth info sheet below.